The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) oversees labeling guidelines for most cleaning products sold on store shelves or online for use in homes and offices.

According to the FTC, all retail products must follow the below labeling guidelines:

Front Panel (Middle of label) Must Include:

  • Product Title and/or Subtitle (must describe the use of the product labeled)
  • Net Weight (In our case, these products need the Fluid Ounces displayed as such: Net Wt. 16 FL OZ)

FTC Required Label Must Include (In Any Location):

  • Company Address (must be a mail-able address, either PO Box or Street Address are accepted)
  • Company Contact Phone Number and/or Email

True Brand Required- Label Must Include (In Any Location):

  • Product Code provided by True Brand. A 3 letter, 5-6 digit product code should be included on each label. The code can be as small as 8pt font and should be placed near the bar code or bottom portion of label.
    • This code is used as a part of our quality control program. Each unit is cross checked with its product code to ensure the appearance and fragrance of the product going into the bottle matches the description listed in the product code.
  • Batch Code – A batch code will be printed (in 8pt font) on each label, this ensures every product is linked to the batch it originated from even after it leaves the facility.
    • The batch code will be added at time of printing and does not need to be included in your label design. If you would like a certain font to be used, please send the font and request in with your label artwork.

Label Should Include – Not Required but Suggested:

  • Ingredients – all or some ingredients may be left unlisted as a proprietary measure, however, ingredients not included in the product may not be listed.
  • Directions – A step by step guide for best product use. Suggested directions for each product will be provided at time of purchase.
  • Caution Statement – Even extremely safe products can cause skin and eye irritation, as with any soap or detergent. Suggested caution statements will be provided at time of purchase.
  • Bar Code – If you are planning to sell your product through a retail outlet, labels should have either a UPC, EAN or FNSKU code printed on the label. (Link to Bar code post – Make sure to also link older Bar Code Post to here)

Label Should NOT Include:

  • Medical Statements – Unless a product is registered with the FDA, labels can not list any medicinal properties.
  • Disinfecting Statements – Unless a product is registered with the EPA, labels can not list any medicinal properties.
    • This includes, among others, the use of the words “Kill”, “Repel” or “Remove” in reference to bacteria, germs, and or mold.

 Extras – Great to have on label:

  • About Us – A paragraph or two about your company’s story.
  • About this product – Product highlights or a statement about how the product’s ingredients work.