For your business, private label green cleaning products can be the best image builder. Here at True Brand we understand the importance of branding. It’s a way of getting your brand name known to customers each time they see your product. You can check out The Process we utilize here.  private label green cleaning products

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Are you looking to add a product to your existing brand or even launch a new product line?  These eco-friendly cleaning products have become a popular alternative in homes and commercial establishments and for good reasons. Here is the truth about green cleaning products:

Environmental friendly

Most customers prefer green cleaning products to traditional ones because they work effectively without harming the environment. Additionally, they are biodegradable which means they decompose without causing air or soil pollution. As a result, the environment remains safe for your children and pets. When you consider the current rate of pollution, these products are the best to mitigate the problem. Other environmental benefits include:

  • Improve overall air indoor air quality
  • Lengthen lifetime of furniture and clothing
  • Locally sourced packaging


In the not-so-distant past, eco-friendly products meant very expensive ingredients that do not work as well as their synthetic counterparts. As eco-friendly products become more mainstream, we see a surge of research and availability in the eco-friendly cleaning marketplace. Therefore, the gap of effectiveness and cost between harsh cleaners and eco-friendly alternatives has closed. Today, we have access to an array of ingredients that are useful to make green cleaners just as effective and with similar cost as harsh chemical cleaners.


Private Label Green Cleaning ChemicalsHighly efficient

Typically, traditional cleaning products use chemicals made to harshly strip surfaces which
may compromise on the longevity of your belongings. However, green cleaners use ingredients that remove stains, grime, dirt and grease without harming the surface being cleaned. With green cleaners, you can be sure the texture of clothes will remain intact. When your customers get the best results, they will keep coming back for your private label products. Make sure your product line includes laundry products, automotive cleaners, pet products and much more.


Safe for septic systems

Truth be told, commercial cleaning products are not safe for septic tanks. The fewer synthetic chemicals that go down the drainage system, the better it will be. More and more, customers are now turning to environmentally and biodegradable products to avoid disrupting the natural biological breakdown. When you have green cleaning products, you can be sure they won’t compromise on the safety of the septic tanks of your clients.

Today, there is nothing more exclusive than offering your customers private label green cleaning products that give lasting results. When your clients are satisfied, they will keep coming for more. Additionally, we know that customer loyalty is key when it comes to selling replenishable goods. Private label cleaning products are a great way to build your business and customer base. 

Put your name out there for everyone to see.

Private Label Green Cleaning Products

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